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miniature table saw

miniature table saw

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1) DIY multifunctional mini table saw
2) Sold 3mm stell frame and aluminum alloy panel design, durable no deformation ensure the flatness and high quality cutting
3) 775 type motor maximum rotating speed up to 7000RPM provinding ultra strong cutting power but low noise, you can use it just at home
4) 110mm alloy saw blade with high concentricity and 29mm maximum cuting thichness ensure the cutting surface flat
5) Equipped with the ruler and backer in the cutting desk, pecisely cutting will be easier and ensure safety as well
6) Equipped with 7 class power adapter enable you to adjust the rotating speed easily to meet different cutting speed
7) Equipped with four rubber damping pad, anti-slip and shock-absorbing when working
8) Compact size easy to carry, perfect for DIY model makers
9)Its cutting material depends on the saw blade, the alloy circular saw blade can only cut wood, plastic, aluminum.

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