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Omni Direction Mecanum Wheel Robotic Kit

Omni Direction Mecanum Wheel Robotic Kit

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You must complete lesson 1 (assembling the car) before you continue on with this lesson.In this lesson2, we will add a servo motor and to the robotic car built in Lesson 1.

Step 1: Install Ultrasonic Module to mount holder with 4pcs M1.4*8 screw and M1.4 nuts.

Step 2: Remove screws on copper pillars and install servo motor at the front of upper car chassis with 2pcs M2.2*8 Self Tapping Screws.

Step 3: Install mount holder for Ultrasonic Module on servo motor with M2*4 Self Tapping screw. (Please note: please upload code to adjust servo motor direction before fixing this screw)

If you just finishes Lesson 1, please keep all lesson 1 connections same as it is.

Step1: Connect Servo 3-pin head to any Model X board servo slot(yellow to S pin, red to 5v,brown to G pin), then connect another S pin to WIFI board D13.

Step2: Connect Ultrasonic sensor module to wifi board as following graph.

  • Connect Mega2560 board to PC with USB cable, Open Arduino IDE -> click file -> click Open -> choose code “lesson2.ino” in lesson folder, load the code into Arduino as following:
  • Ultrasonic sensor servo initial direction alignment

After turning on the battery, the servo will make some movement and finally stops at a direction for 5 seconds. During this first 5 seconds, you must make sure the Ultrasonic sensor(two eyes) is facing straight forward.

If it is not straight forward, you should turn off battery immediately and remove the sensor from servo, reinstall it and make it facing straight forward direction as following picture.

Otherwise the obstacle avoidance program will not work properly. After adjusting sensor direction, turn on battery again. If its direction is not straight forward, turn off battery and do direction alignment again.

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